Thanks for your patience while I was working on Patch 2.2 this week. 

This patch includes a lot of groundwork for things to come that you may not see and ALOT you will see.

Let's start with the cool new stuff

# Contracts

  • - Contracts tab now is active
  • - Contracts/Missions/Jobs all are in the database and searchable
  • - You can sort all of above by Faction, Faction XP Rewards, K-Mark Rewards, Faction Scrip Rewards, and Unlock Order
  • - The individual pages and tables will show all of the items, and objects for each contract/mission/job
  • - All things should be linked together so you can go from mission to item, via clicking, or objective to item via clicking. If it's a link its underlined in the table. 

# Individual Item Pages

  • - All items now have a Rewards and Used In table
  • - These tables will show what Contracts/Missions/Jobs are associated with an item
  • - Items have the amounts used for each contract/mission/job along with a total number
  • - These tables above will be also used in the same manner for Quarters (coming soon)

# Item Table Pages

  • - You can now sort by Faction XP Per Weight
  • - You can now sort by K-Marks Values per Weight
  • - Laid the groundwork for A LOT more sorts to be able to compare many diff stats (coming soon)

# UI

  • - A lot of ui improvements have been made specifically to the navigation bars. No more should there be weird layout shifts
  • - UI should be a lot more performant on all devices. 

# Weapons

  • - Damage calculations are now correct thanks to @Hirshey for helping with the formula and @ImLightsGG for pointing this out

# Map

  • - Items should now show on ground loot points as well as in containers (was a bug)

# Search

  • - Removed the possibility of an empty search and a pre-search form happening (this was costing an ASS LOAD of money :(
  • - All Contracts/Missions/Jobs are in the search

# Header

  • - Removed login (for now not needed will be back later)
  • - Added Support us button for patreon (cause shit be expensive yo <3)

# Other

  • - Began work on item spawn % chances
  • - Began work on quarters


TODO for the next patch feel free to comment in #suggestions for feedback on these items and fixes to any others. 

# Map

  • - Spawn % chances on items
  • - Filter by % chances
  • - Images when clicking on a node @rufio is about to put in some WORK he may need help gathering images :D

# Quarters

  • - Most of the back end work is done now it's just adding in the UI. This shares a lot of code with Contracts

# Items

  • - Show what quarters upgrades an item is used for
  • - Show what recipes an item is used for
  • - Add more sort options and filters to the item table pages (add to #suggestions if you have a sort you would like)

# Node Location Pages

  • - I would like to add location pages for things like dead drops and POIs to be able to link Contracts and guides to them

# Guides

  • - We will be starting to produce and link guides to all things in the database. We want to work with other creators as well so keep an eye on this. 


And of course LOTS LOTS LOTS more. But that is the current priority list. Those things I will be tackling this week. I wont be doing any large as fuck patches like i did this week. It was a mistake that I knew I was making. Part of me writing that list above is so I can focus on those things individually and push out a patch for each one rather than one BIG one. 

Thanks for all the support everyone! Seriously you guys are incredible and i'm super happy to be able to make an app that is used by so many people. I never thought things would get this crazy and I appreciate you guys immensely. If you would like to help support the project subscribe to our patreon and get some cool perks in return!

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