The First Patch for The Cycle DB has been pushed live. Some big things are included. Here is the low down. Map

  • Added Search Box to find item spawns exactly on the map
  • Made all nodes toggleable rather than being that janky page crap
  • The map works more like a check list now. So you can turn on things you need and turn off things you don't
  • You will be able to see the size of the data being rendered on the map so if things start getting laggy you can determined what to turn off / clear
  • There are now links specific for items on the map.
  • So if you want to share an exact location of an item you can do so. (this feature is being expanded upon and was actually more than 1 item but the server gave me problems) this is an example of a link for an item. It will load by default with that item toggled on
  • Item pages now have a link to the map that uses the feature above
  • removed light mode cause omfg why did i ever put that ew -
  • performance improvements
  • began work on contracts, this should be up tomorrow evening
  • Thanks for all the support everyone. Im tired as hell im going to bed
  • Dilbo

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