An Update From The Cycle Database Team

An Update From The Cycle Database Team

While v2 of the site has been launched. We are not even close to done.

Today I am implementing back in a lot of the best features from v1.

The big change here was infrastructure. The goal was to make it so that the site could be rapidly updated with game updates. Along with using 100% real game data to ensure accuracy. That has been a success.

Now its adding back in all those awesome features you guys love.

Expect many updates over the next couple of days. It was a matter of "launching to move on" or "delay longer to get more in" and i honestly needed to have some sort of progress made to be able to compartmentalize the work

. Now that v2 is up and the main skeleton is built. I can focus on the things that i know you guys want/need. Thank you for your patience and than you for using our app! Don't worry i am 100% committed to making this thing the best it possible can be for ALL devices. I will post updates in our discord as they are main live. Thank you


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